Protein engineering (NEW)

  • We are interested in developing microfluidic processors for fully automated engineering of proteins with new and improved functions and activities by a combination of rational design and in directed evolution in vitro.
  • We also develop optical methods for on-chip parallel measurements of equilibrium binding affinity, and kinetics in real time.

Antibody microarrays for proteomic analysis

  • We develop methods for fabricating high-density encoded antibody arrays for highly sensitive and multiplexed protein analysis;
  • We are also interested in clinical applications using the microarrays.

Single-molecule protein analysis (NEW)

  • We are interested in developing new physical methods and nano devices for direct single-molecule protein analysis, including identification and quantification;
  • We investigate the physics of the new detection methods by computational numerical modeling;
  • We also develop algorithms for the analysis using deep machine learning.

Direct single-molecule protein sequencing (NEW)

  • We explore and develop new detection modalities and new nano devices;
  • We investigate the underlying physics by computational numerical modeling;
  • We develop methods for engineering and fabricating the required molecular-nano devices;
  • We also develop algorithms for sequence decoding using mathematics methods and deep machine learning.